We're Moving to Austria!

In September 2021, we're buying one way tickets and flying to Austria! What will we do there? Aside from exploring all the beautiful art, architecture, and nature, we will be attending graduate school at the International Theological Institute (ITI) which is a 7 minute stroll outside the city of Trumau and only 36 kilometers from Vienna.

So far, we've researched airline tickets, applied for and received our passports, and read lots of blogs about Austrian culture and travel. Here are a few things we've learned through research and friends.

1. Apply for your passports way in advance. Especially with COVID regulations, the application process has become even slower than usual. This should be one of the first things you apply for once you've made the decision to travel abroad.

2. Attending the Vienna State Opera House is extremely affordable. Tickets range from 15 euro for a standing seat to 215 euro for private boxes. That's $18 to go see a famous ballet or opera in one of the world's top opera houses! You bet that we're going to be seeing as many operas and ballets as possible.

3. Flights from Vienna to anywhere in or around Europe are very affordable. This is something we are really looking forward to taking advantage of. A round trip flight to either the Holy Land, Poland or Greece is about $110.

4. Camping is mostly frowned upon in the EU. Joe spent hours sifting through the regional laws and various blogs regarding backcountry camping. Unless we missed something, most countries don't really appreciate campers and you can be fined up to $10,000 if caught. However, there are a few countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland & Scotland) in Northern Europe which encourage camping and have lots of opportunities to get outside.

5. Most midwives in Trumau only speak German. While this doesn't pertain to most travelers, we will most likely be starting a family while we are in Austria. A word of advice from friends who attended the ITI was to become roughly fluent in German before attempting childbirth with a midwife present. :) Communication is key! That's why we've been spending free time learning some basics with the help of DuoLingo and Youtube.

And that about sums up the most important points we can think of at the moment! If you've ever been to Austria or have any advice for us, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below. We'll keep you updated with more news as we go along. For now, we're focusing on the present...which includes planning our upcoming wedding in June!


Joe & Iza

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