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My family always emphasized the importance of travel and they always made sure that my brother and I had those character building, cultural experiences, but don't assume we were staying in tourist resorts! My parents always chose places far away from the tourist traps and instead chose out of the way, little towns...somehow they always managed to find budget-friendly flights. Growing up with this, I've become a "deal-finder" myself. I'm always keeping an eye out for low priced tickets to beautiful places. Generally I never buy them, because I'm saving for a wedding, but you sure as heck will always find me dreaming about it! :)

Well, this time around I actually have to buy tickets. And it's so exciting to think that soon I'll be going on another adventure that will last at least 2 years.

Since I've been on the hunt for cheap flights to Vienna or nearby airports, I thought I might as well share with you my little tips I always use to find the best deals possible!

1. Download the Hopper App

I happened upon this app while searching for cheap tickets for a 10 day trip in 2020 to Florence, Italy. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled due to COVID-19, but this app has been incredibly helpful with any other flights I've booked in the past year. Not only can you set the app to watch flights and alert you to any deals, but it also recommends whether or not you should wait to book your ticket.

For instance, Hopper recommends that I should wait to book my flight to Vienna, but also warns me that I should buy my tickets before May 28th! If I booked now, a ticket from Newark, New Jersey to Vienna, Austria would cost me about $380. If I wait? Well, Hopper says I might save as much as $130. It still isn't a super expensive ticket, but I'm hoping to buy my tickets (Oregon to Vienna) for less than $500 total. My one tip is regularly check the app!

Watch a few different flights from several cities and play around with travel dates. Sometimes one day's difference is all you need to find cheaper ticket prices.

2. Use Google Flights the right way

Hate to break it to ya, but if you're not using Google Flights in a private browsing session, then your tickets prices are going to inflate...dramatically. If they know you're interested in a particular flight, then they'll raise the price on you. The simple rule of supply and demand applies. The more you search the flight or destination, the higher the prices will rise. I've seen it before. I'll leave the page and come back to it later...only to find the ticket price increased by $100. It's slightly infuriating.

And another trick I learned? Sometimes by changing your country of origin, you can find better flights. Now it doesn't always work, and sometimes prices are exactly the same, but occasionally you will see significant price differences.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Country-United States", and then switch the country you're purchasing from. You never know what deals you might find!

3. Check your travel dates

With a little bit of research, I found out that it is cheaper to travel some days versus others. If you're planning on flying within the United States, then Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays are your best bet.

However, if your destination is international it is recommended that you avoid the weekends and fly during the week. Again, take this tip with a grain of salt and be sure to always check every day of the week. Sometimes, you can buy an international flight that departs on a Thursday or Friday and ends on a Saturday and these can be just as cost effective.

Finally, don't be in a rush to buy your tickets! If you have the time to search for cheap airfare, then usually you can find it. Use apps and Google Flights to your advantage, but always check airline websites, too. Sometimes, if you find a good deal on the app it's because the airline is offering budget-friendly tickets. If you're willing to travel by bus or train, consider looking into smaller airports that are slightly farther away.

You never know what beautiful places you might see or interesting people you may meet through a roundabout journey! May the flights be ever in your favor! :D

Until next time,

<3 Iza

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