4 Steps to Achieve Sustainable Travel

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

  1. Avoid the crowds.

Over-tourism is an increasing problem when it comes to travel. The combination of popular historical site-seeing along with destination vacations impacts local communities and environments. This includes loss of culture, the rapid deterioration of natural sites, and economic loss.

The solution? Be conscious of how and where you visit. Try to choose the lesser-known places and really research how you can support the local economy rather than corporate tourism operators.

  1. Choose eco-conscious accommodations.

Eco-conscious doesn’t necessarily mean you must sacrifice luxury. Whether you decide to travel low-cost or want to pamper yourself, just be sure to think about how your stay will impact the local ecosystem and economy. Will you be harming the community you are visiting or will you be adding to it?

How does your accommodation give back to the community and protect the surrounding ecosystem? Many communities have the option of Airbnb, house sitting, hostels or luxury stays that have zero-plastic and sustainable energy options.

  1. Means of transportation.

Rather than adding to the carbon footprint and renting a private car from a corporate company, try to find other more sustainable means of travel. This includes walking, biking, and using public transportation.

Not only will you be traveling more sustainably, but you will also get a better sense of the culture, engage the community, and have the opportunity to really sightsee.

  1. Be social media aware.

Many international destinations quickly become overrun by tourists when the location is broadcasted over social media. Be careful not to flood your account with your beautiful, untouched destination, because all too quickly that place can become the next tourist hotspot.

This isn’t to say that you can’t post pictures or share your experience with others, but be conscious about tagging your location or oversharing on platforms. Adopt a responsible approach to travel and you will be taking one more step toward protecting historic sites. Let’s keep those places untouched and support a sustainable travel culture.

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